Lotus Notes. Yeah it can do that too!

September 4 2006 09:34:26 PM Comments Disabled
Lotus Notes/Domino developer Julian Robichaux (also of Taking Notes fame) had a great post a few days around a Lotus Notes rogue marketing idea... "yeah, it can do that too".

Image:Lotus Notes. Yeah it can do that too!
He sums up nicely what has always been Lotus Notes greatest strength, and at times its great weakness, "the product does so much that it's hard to give a good one-line, sound bite description of it. In fact, it's quite impossible".

Even just explaining to people the difference between Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino takes some time.  (I've tried to explain it here)

To some Lotus Notes is just email and calendar, while for others their entire business runs on Domino by utilizing applications such as HelpDesk, Customer Tracking, Supply Chain, and more.   One of my favourite examples is how most of the Major League Baseball (MLB) teams rely on Notes and Domino for their player scouting.  I've covered this topic in more detail in Unmatched Application Development Platform.  Recently I even discussed how Lotus Notes/Domino can be used for Blogs, Wikis, and Bulletin Boards.   The possibilities are endless.

My Lotus Notes Workspace has a dozen tabs, each with dozens of databases.   I can't imagine my daily life without Notes, and I don't mean just for work.  I have TONS of information stored in databases, both professional and personal such as stock portfolios, music and movie catalogs, and mailing lists and phone numbers.

Some people "get it" and are AMAZED by Notes, while others can be sceptical at first of any "one product does it all" type solution.  So how do you explain this to your boss, or more importantly to a new customer?

Let's have some fun, and how about you share a few stories on how you personally, and your company professionally use Notes (and companion products like Sametime, QuickPlace, and WebSphere Portal).   What methods were effective in "selling" Lotus Notes/Domino to your organization?