What Is A Social Business Platform?

March 15 2012 08:30:00 AM Comments Disabled
I´ve got a feverWhen asked what makes a product a "social business platform", the criteria I'm currently providing is:

1. Employees must view it as a primary destination for getting work done, not a secondary system that augments the tasks they do throughout the day.
2. It must provide core collaboration components such as dashboards, activity streams/notification, profiles, content creation, analytics, mobile access, etc. without requiring 3rd party integration.
3. It must have an API to allow customers and business partners to extend the core functionality and product integration not available out of the box in #2. Support of industry standards is a bonus, as it makes development easier. (ex: OpenSocial)

Now there are lots of great niche tools out there that don't fit this definition and that's ok. Not everything has to be a platform.

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