Today is my last day at Constellation Research

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Today is a bittersweet day. You know those moments that are a bizarre stomach churning combination of sadness and excitement? This is one of them.

After almost 8 years at Constellation Research, I have decided it’s time for the next step in my career.  

I honestly can’t offer up enough thanks and praise to Ray Wang for the opportunity, support and experience he’s provided me these past years. I have the rare pleasure of being able to say he’s not my boss, he’s my friend.

Image:Today is my last day at Constellation Research

I want to thank several groups:
  • My fellow analysts, both current and alumni whom are some of the brightest and interesting people I’ve ever worked with
  • The sales, marketing, finance, editorial, event and operations teams who are the behind the scenes machine that make everything possible
  • Advisors like Esteban Kolsky and Paul Greenberg who helped teach me what it means to be an analyst
  • My “frenemies” :-) at all the other analyst firms whom I enjoy seeing at industry events
  • Most importantly, our clients. From the two person startups with fearless ambition in your eyes to the software giants who've always made me feel like a trusted advisor.

Thank you.

This has been a very hard decision, as I’m humbled and proud to have been part of Constellation’s growth into one of the most trusted and innovative names in the analyst industry. It’s been incredible to watch the company grow and expand to include things like:
Throughout my career starting at Lotus/IBM, then Socialtext and most recently Constellation I’ve focused on the things that help employees get their jobs done; the collaboration and communication software, the devices, the places people work, the company culture and more. While there are always new technologies popping up, I’ve never sensed a more exciting time than what we’re on the precipice of now. Sure the old dependable tools like email, file sharing, web-conferencing and chat are still a standard part of the employee toolkit, but we’re finally starting to see new markets take shape. Areas such as:
  • Work Coordination - project and process management meets collaboration
  • Digital Canvases - a new modern take on editors or office suites
  • Digital Adoption (help systems that proactively guide people through applications
  • Work/employee analytics - think of a fitness tracker, but for your work
  • Automation and workflow
  • Creative content creation (infographics, data visualization, 360 images and videos, etc)
  • Augmented and virtual realty (or mixed reality)
  • and of course artificial intelligence.

All of these things are converging, leading to an exciting new future employee experience.

It’s the emergence of this new era that has prompted me to take this next step. I’m psyched to announce that I am joining Salesforce to help lead their storytelling around the future of productivity, collaboration and business process. Salesforce is a company I admire not just for their product portfolio, but also for their amazing philanthropic work and fierce commitment to social justice. I can’t wait to start blazing my trail and I’ll share more details with you soon in my next blog post, "Joining the Salesforce Ohana".

When I first told Ray I was leaving, he said how you leave a company is every bit as important as how you start. Constellation has been like a family to me. I don’t think of this as leaving, more like moving out and coming back to visit from time to time.

Once again, thank you everyone and see you again soon.
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