The State of Collaboration in 2015 - Collaboration Goals and Plans For the Future

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Constellation recently published our "State of Enterprise Technology" series of research reports. These reports assess the current state of the enterprise technologies Constellation has deemed significant to digital transformation. These reports also describe the future usage and evolution of these technologies. Constellation will continue to publish reports in our State of Enterprise Technology series throughout Q1.

The State of Collaboration in 2015 is my first contribution to this series of reports.  This report is designed to help you set benchmarks and prepare for your collaboration future. 

Here’s an excerpt from the report: 

The State of Collaboration in 2015 Shows Maturity in Market and User Adoption

2014 will be remembered as an inflection point where stand-alone tools began to give way to enterprise software with integrated collaboration features. Constellation defines this as Purposeful Collaboration, where social features are native features of the tools people use to get their jobs done. For 2015, the most significant improvement in these tools will be how they leverage vast amounts of information to help people make more informed decisions. It’s this intersection of collaboration and analytics that will propel the next level of employee productivity. 

Image:The State of Collaboration in 2015 - Collaboration Goals and Plans For the Future

Download the report snapshot and table of contents on the Constellation website