Socialtext Launches 4.0

March 3 2010 02:30:00 PM Comments Disabled
Today we launched Socialtext 4.0, which makes it simple for people to form groups around common goals or areas of interest.  Groups can share information, ideas, and status messages via microblogging with Socialtext Signals, and create wiki pages, spreadsheets, and blog entries in Socialtext Workspaces.

"The focus of our enterprise social software has always been to accelerate business performance for our customers, by giving their people new ways to share knowledge and expertise,"
says Eugene Lee, Socialtext's CEO

Socialtext 4.0 Overview

David Needle on - Socialtext 4.0 Filters Twitter-Like Signals
"Socialtext are aligning these technologies more closely than ever before with activities that enterprises do and work that needs to get done.  Socialtext is doing what it needs to do to stand out in a competitive social networking services market.  This is also a 'hardened' application with security features that enterprises are going to appreciate" - Forrester analyst Rob Koplowitz

Dennis Howlett on ZDNet - Socialtext 4 focuses on richer microblogging
"Socialtext is plowing the right course by homing in on solving some of the practical problems in hefting the technology into valuable use."

Alex Williams on ReadWriteWeb - Socialtext, Groups and the Context of the Social Web
"Socialtext is one of the smarter companies we cover in the enterprise space.  Most noteworthy is its new group capabilities. It's like a threaded, real-time stream. It just makes sense. A real-time stream is useless if it is one river of news. You need to channel the real-time flow so you can see its context."

TechCrunch - Socialtext 4.0 Launches With Groups, Better Search, And Activity Stream Filtering
"Socialtext’s offering is compelling for many businesses because of its on-premise offerings that provides security options unavailable in its cloud-based competitors."

VentureBeat - Socialtext 4.0 brings stronger group features to business microblogging and more
"There are several new features, a number of them revolving around helping users find what’s useful in all the activity and chatter of a big organization by focusing on particular groups or conversations."

Stowe Boyd - Socialtext 4.0
" is clear to me that Socialtext has brought together a collection of social tools in a very well integrated framework. The new group (or project) functionality allows a much finer grained social scale to be applied in the enterprise, which leads to sensible ways to minimize the torrent of updates in the activity stream."

Clint Boulton on Eweek - Socialtext 4.0 Supports Groups, Microblogging Channels
Juan Carlos Perez  on - Socialtext Adds Tools to Manage Its Twitter-Like Stream
Simon Mackie on WebWorkerDaily - Socialtext 4.0 Adds Groups, Channels
Chelsi Nakano on CMS Wire - Socialtext 4.0 Brings Better Collaboration to Enterprise

Socialtext Groups