Social Analytics In The Enterprise

February 17 2012 12:15:00 PM Comments Disabled
Yesterday I presented my thoughts on Social Analytics In the Enterprise at the Virtual E2Conf. Below are my slides and I'll update this post with a link to the recording when it is available.

If you don't have time to view all the slides or listen to the recording, let me sum up everything I was trying to say in two points:
1) Social Analytics is the collection, measurement and visualization of data related to content, people and the interactions between the two.
2) At work, Social Analytics should be used to help employees find the right colleagues, content and communities to help them get their job done.

My presentation references many of the enterprise social software vendors, but was not meant to be an endorsement of any vendor over another.  The slides simply provides examples of some of the features various vendors provide. Many vendors provide similar features, even if not mentioned in this presentation.  If you would like to speak with me about details of any one vendor, or would like consulting on which vendor to choose for your organization I'm happy to help.