Lotus Notes Reborn and More Powerful Than Ever

June 14 2005 04:00:00 AM Comments Disabled
Sorry for not making today's blog entry a "tip", but this news is too big for me to pass up.   Today at the DNUG/IBM Lotus Technical Forum IBM released the first public information about the future Lotus Notes client, code-named "Hannover".   I don't want to duplicate the information that my good friend Ed Brill has already posted, so please link over there and read away.

Look at this, I can't wait for this client!
Image:Lotus Notes Reborn and More Powerful Than Ever

Everyone is going to have their own opinion about this announcement, so I thought I would give you mine.   Remember, for many years I was the Marketing Manager for Notes/Domino, so I think I have a good idea of what Customers, Business Partners, Press, and Analysts say about the product.  A few common comments about Notes/Domino have always been:
  • The Domino server outshines the competition in scalability, security, platform support, and feature set.
  • The Domino platform provides far more than just email, the true value comes from the use of collaborative applications.
  • The Notes client is not as "sexy" as the competition!

Today IBM has clearly showed commitment to eliminate that last comment.  The user interface for "Hannover" is going to be amazing.   No longer will the competition be able to win customer engagements based on look of our client vs. the theirs.

However, I want to make sure you know this is not just about UI.   "Hannover" is going to dramatically expand the scope and capabilities of the collaborative application your company will use.   It is also going to add the entirely new "Activity-based" model of computing, RSS feeds, integrated contact management, and a ton more.  It will also add administration features such as user provisioning and server managed deployment that comes from the Workplace Client Technology.

This is WIN-WIN all around.    Everything people have loved about Notes for the last decade, and the elimination of the complaints about the Notes UI.   I don't view this as IBM trying to "just keep the current customers happy", this is IBM clearly saying "Come on over new customers, Notes/Domino is the premier collaborative environment in the world."

To all those in the press and analyst world that have chosen to write negative headlines about Notes/Domino in the past, let me offer you up some headlines you can use free of charge: "Lotus Notes Alive and Well" , "Lotus Notes Reborn" , "IBM 100% Committed To Lotus Notes"...

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Here is some information from IBM's website:

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