It’s Not About File Sharing. It’s About Getting Work Done.

April 25 2012 10:00:00 AM Comments Disabled
BoxFamilyToday Box announced several enhancements to their platform and partner ecosystem, including:
  • 15 new Box OneCloud apps
  • Version 2 of their API
  • Instant Mode: Enables developers to create Box accounts that link to their applications
  • Box OneCloud App to App Framework: a set of tools that makes it much easier for mobile app developers to tie their app into Box OneCloud
  • Partnerships with New York based General Assembly and TechStars, who will be providing mentorship and assistance to early stage tech companies


Following the vast media attention that the launch of Google Drive generated yesterday, it's easy to discount today's news from Box as "more features from yet another file sharing and sync vendor.". That however would significantly down play what platforms like Box and Google Drive are trying to provide. These platforms are not just cloud based extensions of your computer's file system. They are more than the evolution of network/LAN drives. Box, Google and similar vendors are trying to improve the way people create, edit, annotate, sign, share, rate and access information.

Box's goal is to create a complete ecosystem where people can work together to accomplish goals. That could be something as simple as sharing vacation photos with family members, or it could be the collaborative processes tied to launching a product, closing a sales deal, or planning an event. Again, these tools should not be thought of as just simple services for synchronizing files from one computer to another, but rather a platform where work gets done.

As more business tools provide integration with services like Box and Google Drive, it will be easier to shift the perception of what these platforms can provide. Box's launch of OneCloud, their new API, Instant Mode and all their partnerships are helping to make these concepts easier to grasp, but it will take some time and good example stories to help people fully realize the benefits they can provide.