File Share and Synchronization Services

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Some things to think about when choosing a vendor:
  • Is it just cloud storage/sharing and file sync across devices, or do they offer collaboration, (ex: comment, Like, etc), built in file viewers, authoring, etc.
  • What type of sharing permissions are available? (view, edit, etc.) Folder level and/or file level?  Domain restrictions?  
  • What are the terms of service around ownership of the content you upload.  
  • Are they cloud only or is there an on-premises storage option?
  • What security/encryption options are available? (storage on your computer, during upload/download and in their data center)  
  • What OS/devices are supported: Windows? Mac? Linux? - Web? iPhone? iPad? Android?  
  • Ecosystem: What other products/tools/services is it integrated with? Is there an app store?  
  • Do they offer an API? If so, how well documented is it? Are there samples? Is there a developer support community? How are objects references, via pointer to a location or does each have a unique identifier?
  • How much storage is offered? What is the max file (upload) size? How does this change at various price points?  
  • Do they have profile/group integration & sync with directories, or is this yet another directory to manage?
  • Do synched files have to be in a specific parent directory on your computer?
  • How does sync occur? Is the entire file replaced or are just changes sent?
  • Are there any task/workflow features?
  • Do they have specific industry expertise / use-cases?

Last Updated July 10, 2014: Added Amazon Zocalo (and pointed out that Cloud Drive is for consumers)
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Amazon Cloud Drive (consumer offering)
Amazon Zocalo (enterprise)
Apple iCloud
Citrix ShareFile
Copy (Barracuda Networks)
EMC Syncplicity
Google Drive
GroupLogic ActivEcho  (Acronis)
Hightail (formerly YouSendIt)
Huddle Sync
iDrive sync
Microsoft OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive)
Mozy Stash
OpenText Tempo Box
Salesforce Files
SkyDox (WorkShare)
VMware Horizon Workspace (formerly Octopus)
Wuala (by Lacie)