Some Thoughts on IBM Notes and Domino in 2018

July 23 2018 04:00:06 PM Add/Read Comments [2]

After spending time with executives from both IBM and HCL, as well as having discussions with several IBM Business Partners, here are some of my thoughts on the current state of Notes and Domino, and the opportunity available.

  1. Ian Bradbury
    1 | 7/28/2018 11:54:46 AM

    Alan - thanks for the video and your thoughts. I bailed on Domino development maybe 7 years ago when it felt like a very dark time attempting to push Domino within the business.

    Anyhow I've retained a very find spot for Domino and when you mentioned offline/replication/security I found myself nodding as these are the things that today are very difficult to do well (especially security and replication).

    I'm keen to here your further thoughts, especially regarding development tools/interfaces/support etc.

    Thanks for the video.

  2. Alan Lepofsky
    2 | 8/22/2018 8:21:35 AM

    Hi Ian, you're welcome. Yes, Notes/Domino have done offline, security, replication, clustering and several other things really well for decades! As for development features, there are several business partners blogging about the great things HCL is doing for ND around modern appdev like node.js.