Report: How Digital Canvases Enable Hyper-Collaboration

May 18 2018 02:31:02 PM Add/Read Comments [3]


There are several challenges related to information and application overload which impede the speed of work. One of the ways to reduce these challenges is by limiting the scope of the content and conversations that are displayed, to just the items that are contextually relevant to the desired task and topic. In my new report: How Digital Canvases Enable Hyper-Collaboration, we examine how this new user-interface can speed up the way people work.


  1. Peter de Haas
    1 | 5/24/2018 1:26:37 AM

    Hi Alan,

    I have not read the report (yet) zo I am missing a lot of context.

    Really like the approach of the ' adaptive' canvasses. The video however implies that " all the different tools do not talk to eachother" whereas all of the productivity platform vendors invest a lot of effort in realizing just that: contextual integration.

    I know most about O365 and the combination of out of the box integration between all the different ' tools' ons oine end and the Microosft Graph ' interface' is a good start in my opinion. At my company Breinwave we do however see an important role still for a digital workplacve ' portal' complementing the Office365 and business application environment of our customers.

  2. Alan Lepofsky
    2 | 6/29/2018 1:48:05 PM

    Hi Peter, while many vendors have integrations with each other, reality is they are still silos for the most part. Yes, there are great things like Microsoft Graph that help reduce the problem, but we are far far far from true contextual computing. Ex: Can you select a calendar entry in Outlook and instantly assemble all the tweets from the attendees, the Salesforce records for each of their companies, and the current open support tickets for them in ZenDesk?