Event Report: Google Next 18

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Some Thoughts on IBM Notes and Domino in 2018

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After spending time with executives from both IBM and HCL, as well as having discussions with several IBM Business Partners, here are some of my thoughts on the current state of Notes and Domino, and the opportunity available.

Report: How Digital Canvases Enable Hyper-Collaboration

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There are several challenges related to information and application overload which impede the speed of work. One of the ways to reduce these challenges is by limiting the scope of the content and conversations that are displayed, to just the items that are contextually relevant to the desired task and topic. In my new report: How Digital Canvases Enable Hyper-Collaboration, we examine how this new user-interface can speed up the way people work.


How I Curate News for My Research

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I often get asked how I keep up with and curate all the news I use in my research. Honestly, it's a bit of a mess! I cover hundreds of software vendors, which means a lot of press releases, blog entries and product briefings. I have valuable information stored in several tools including email, note-taking, file-sharing, tasks, etc. Below is an example of one of the processes I follow leveraging Evernote.  Towards the end you'll see the feature that really makes this process work for me... the ability to change the created and modified date of notes.

AvePoint LMS and the Microsoft Education Ecosystem

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with Dux Raymond Sy and his team at AvePoint to discuss their new Learning Management System and the state of the Microsoft Education portfolio. As a top Microsoft Business Partner, AvePoint has a deep understanding the Microsoft platform and is leveraging components of Microsoft Azure (such as AI for audio and video transcription) and Office 365 to build new business solutions which can be surfaced in AppSource catalog. Learning Management Systems are not just for schools and universities, they play a vital role in the training and certification of employees in businesses of all sizes.

Here are my thoughts around AvePoint LMS and Microsoft's Education offerings including OneNote, Teams, Surface, Hololens, LinkedIn, Lynda and more.


If a Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

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A quick tour of my home office and some of the devices I use to create videos.

Product links:

Blue Snowflake microphone

DJI Osmo steadycam

Insta360 camera

Logitech Brio webcam

Microsoft Surface Book laptop

Microsoft Windows 10 Mixed Reality


Microsoft Updates Teams with New Integration Features

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Today Microsoft released an update to Microsoft Teams that enhances the "seamless hub for personal productivity and team collaboration" experience.

Here is my review: