FutureOfWork: The Combined Microsoft and LinkedIn Graphs

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On June 13, 2016 Microsoft announced their intention to acquire LinkedIn for $26B, Microsoft's most expensive takeover to date. Why is Microsoft willing to spend that money? What's in it for them, for customers and for partners? My Constellation Research colleagues Steve Wilson, Cindy Zhou and I examine what this combination means and how it impacts the future of work... from personal productivity and team collaboration, to changing the way career paths and hiring are managed, to the impact of marketing experiences.

To find more information see the complete report: Microsoft Acquires LinkedIn, Shaping the Future of Work.


Table Of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Microsoft’s Priciest Acquisition Reveals The Vision Of An Intelligent, Integrated Workplace
  • Linking In To Microsoft’s Vision
  • Linkedin Data Is Safe With Microsoft
  • Looking Ahead : Upcoming Challenges
  • What To Expect In Microsoft’s Future Of Work


FutureOfWork: Atlassian HipChat Adds Group Video Chat

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Atlassian, best know for Jira (project management for software development teams) and Confluence (enterprise team collaboration), has released an update to HipChat, their group chat and video conferencing product. Prior to this release, HipChat could be used for group text conversations and 1:1 video chat, but now you can have group videos chats with up to 10 people. HipChat can be used as a standalone communication tool, but excels when combined with Jira and Confluence, enabling people that have conversations right within the context of the work they are doing. Atlassian acquired HipChat in 2012, and has continued to expand its functionality via additional acquisitions such as BlueJimp and Hall. 



MyPOV on Enterprise Video - Culture Needs to Catchup to Technology

Tools like Apple FaceTime, Facebook Messenger and Google's new 1:1 video application Duo make it easy for people to have real time video conversations with their friends and family. It's amazing to be able to say hello when on a business trip, share an experience while on vacation, or even ask for advice before making a purchase... but are employees ready to be on camera during meetings? Video lends itself to great product demos, but does that translate to real business scenarios? 

The ability to video conference has been around for decades in products like Lotus (now IBM) Sametime and Microsoft Lync (now Skype for Business) or via tele-presence solutions from Cisco, Avaya, Unify and others but ask yourself how often do you take advantage of them? With so many remote or home employees it's great to be able to see your colleagues, smile and share a story for a few minutes, but is the main reaction to video: "Oh no, now I need to shower, shave and get dressed before that meeting!" 

Don't get me wrong, consumer technologies such as email, chat and social networking have all become commonly used tools at work, and video certainly will as well. With laptops, mobile phones and tablets becoming entry points the meetings it's now simple for anyone from developers to doctors, architects to zookeepers to participate in a video chat. But In contrast to our personal lives where we ourselves are the content for the video, at work most often it's documents or applications that need to be shared. Finding the right mixture of "humans on screen" to "content on screen" is important, and tools like HipChat are helping make this a reality.






FutureOfWork: Salesforce Inbox Calendar Helps Provide Context

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For the last year or so Salesforce has been on a rampage acquiring startups that utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help employees (especially Sales professionals) see the right information at the right time. With the clock clicking down to Dreamforce 2016, Salesforce has starting dropping hints that AI will be the big theme this year... for example this week's announcement of SalesforceIQ Inbox Calendar.  (see image below)

SalesforceIQ Inbox was launched at Dreamforce 2015, and is the result of the acquisition of RelateIQ, an intelligent email client that helps Sales professionals manage their customer relationships right within their inbox.  This week's announcement adds calendar functionality, which comes from Tempo.AI, a smart calendar application Salesforce acquired last year.

The new SalesforceIQ Inbox Calendar examines meeting invitees and shows connections to Salesforce CRM records for the attendees and their organizations. By providing information in context of the meeting invite, people don't need to copy/paste and manually switch between multiple applications to access the information and actions they need.

As the number of tools people use to get their job done grows... for example: email, calendars, social media, tasks, file-sharing, CRM records, and on and on... it becomes increasingly difficult to link together all of the relevant people, content, and conversations.  By providing a more seamless experience, Salesforce is taking the right steps to helping people become more efficient and perform more effectively. The integrated email, calendar, task and CRM experience is just the beginning of what Constellation Research expects to see from SalesforceIQ. The next steps involve leveraging AI to help people be more proactive and to automate many of the manual processes employees currently follow.


Microsoft News July 2016 Enhancing Office and Outlook

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In the video below I review several recent announcements from Microsoft around Office and Outlook.




Salesforce Acquires Quip: Document Collaboration and Team Chat

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Today Salesforce announced they are acquiring document collaboration and group chat vendor Quip for $582M USD.

In the video below I discuss why this is a great move for Salesforce, as it will add richer content creation to Chatter and Communities, leverage Salesforce business objects, embed Salesforce Files, and provide Salesforce customers with persistent chat.


Taking Accountability For What You Say and Share - #AlansAngle

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In this short video, I share my some thoughts on the recent data breach scandals rocking the US political scene, blaming tools, and taking accountability for the things you say and share.


Gnerc - The Ultimate Enterprise Software Solution (Parody)

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Often during product briefings, this is where my mind wonders to...

Image:Gnerc - The Ultimate Enterprise Software Solution (Parody)

I'm here to tell you about Gnerc, our innovative, paradigm shifting new SaaS based software platform application tool.

The first and only cloud based solution that uniquely harnesses advanced predictive analytics and data insights to power our cognitive artificial machine learning intelligence engine, allowing for tailored, personalized, and customized 1:1 employee engagement and customer journeys. 

Our blockchain secure infrastructure taps into millions of interconnected IOT sensors to meet the strictest governance, auditing and compliance regulations of the industry you work for and the countries you do business in.

Our millennial programmers use design thinking and agile, enabling us to deliver not just a mobile first experience, but a mobile always experience, ready for you whenever you need it. 

Our servers are running even if your computer is turned off. So if you're at your child's sports game or musical concert, our servers are still there, all day, everyday, even on weekends and most holidays.

Our API centric platform allows for industry standard based integration with the other mission critical business applications your organization relies on, so that you can take action in context, reducing data silos and eliminating information overload.

So if you're looking to be more productive at the important job that you do, and want to socially empower your teams to succeed in meeting enterprise grade KPIs, then Gnerc is the answer. 

We even removed some of the vowels from our name to highlight that we understand empathy in user experience, and deliver maximum ROI.

So sign up now and get up and running with your own Gnerc solution today. You'll thank us to tomorrow.