CNBC Interview: AI and Augmenting the Way We Work

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There is a lot of fear mongering when it comes to the role of Artificial Intelligence in the workplace. Are machines going to take all our jobs? No, at least not any time soon! Instead, artificial intelligence is going to augment the way we do our work, helping us filter content, derive insights and ultimately make better decisions.

Below is an interview I did on CNBC's show Capital Connection hosted by Nancy Hungerford, where I discuss AI and the Future of Work.

A.I. will augment the workforce, not replace jobs: analyst from CNBC.

Image:CNBC Interview: AI and Augmenting the Way We Work

Future of Work Shortlists - Personal Productivity and Group Collaboration

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This week Constellation released the latest versions of our Constellation ShortLists. These lists help organizations decide on which vendors they should be evaluating across various markets. They are not rankings, but rather guides to help the decision making process. The current lists for my coverage in the area of the Future of Work are:

These five lists represent only a small part of my overall coverage areas.  The video and graphic below provide a more complete picture:


Social Business News July 28 2017

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Alan's Angle - The Social Business News Recap for the week ending July 28th, 2017

Slack raises $250M - Analytics, AI, business partners and their first customer conference

WalkMe raises $75M - Digital Adoption Platforms help guide people through enterprise applications and websites

Mitel acquires ShoreTel - How will they reconcile their overlapping UCC and collaboration tools? raises $2.2M - Aggregate content from multiple repositories into a single container

IBM Connections Engagement Center Now Available

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On July 25th IBM announced the availability of IBM Connections Engagement Center. This is the first release of this optional enhancement to IBM Connections since IBM acquired the software from TIMETOACT back in May.  I could not find any information about Engagement Center on the IBM Connections website, but you can learn more about it in this SlideShare presentation.

Constellation Research believes IBM Connections customers will see value in this add-on, as it provides additional intranet and extranet functionality that helps Connections compete with community software such as Microsoft SharePoint, Salesforce Community Cloud, Jive Software, ThoughtFarmer, Igloo and Jostle.


Zoho Launches Zoho One Business Suite

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This week Zoho launched Zoho One, an offering that provides customers with access to all of the Zoho business and productivity applications for a single price of $1/person/day. If you're unfamiliar with Zoho, you should really take a look at their extensive product portfolio which includes:

  • Personal Productivity: Word processing, spreadsheets, slides and note-taking
  • Communication and Collaboration: Email, chat, web-conferencing, social networking, group messaging, file-sharing and project tracking
  • Business processes: Sales/CRM, marketing, customer support, finance/invoicing, human resources and a custom application (low-code) developer tool

While perhaps not as well know as its Microsoft and Google competitors, Zoho does have an impressive 3rd party ecosystem of extensions available via the Zoho Marketplace

Customers Take Note

While individual applications in the Zoho One portfolio may not offer as many features as their counterparts from Microsoft Office 365/Dynamics, Google GSuite, Salesforce, Workday, and others, Constellation Research believes Zoho One's complete platform solution provides a very attractive option for many businesses. As outlined in the research report Why Your Organization Should Buy a Collaboration Platform Instead of a Best-of-Breed Solution, having a single platform provides advantages in integration, administration, security and several other areas.



Microsoft 365 Plus the Always Expanding Office 365 Portfolio

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July 10th at Microsoft Inspire, their Worldwide Business Partner conference, Microsoft introduced Microsoft 365, a new purchasing model that bundles Windows + Office 365 + Enterprise Mobility and Security.

They also introduced three new (SMB focused) business applications... plus made MileIQ available to select O365 plans.

  • Microsoft Connections—A simple-to-use email marketing service.
  • Microsoft Listings—An easy way to publish your business information on top sites.
  • Microsoft Invoicing—A new way to create professional invoices and get paid fast

Microsoft Continues To Strive for the Modern Workplace

I was very pleased to see Microsoft continue to push the messages around the intersection of Personal Productivity/Team Collaboration and Artificial Intelligence. In the keynote, they demonstrated several scenarios where Office365 is being enhanced with automation from Cortana and Microsoft Cognitive Services. Perhaps the most impressive (Future of Work) demo was how Microsoft combines Yammer and Stream to hold all company town hall meetings, where the talks are transcribed and translated in real time by Microsoft's AI tools.

Here is the information I collected during the keynote:




Is Amazon Thinking of Buying Slack?

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Did Jeff Bezos wake up this morning and say: "Alexa, acquire Slack?"

Rumours are circulating that Amazon may be interested in acquiring Slack. Below are my thoughts on a) what market is this really in? b) how would it fit in with Amazon's portfolio?


For more information: